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Working Toward Equity

Kate Monro shares how C Magazine addresses its commitment to equity by embedding principles of anti-oppression and meaningful inclusion into its strategic plan, organizational culture and programs. During this webinar, find out how these ongoing efforts have been manifested, through staff and board training; the establishment of an equity committee; the development of new policies and procedures, including an affirmative action framework; and the setting of targets and formulation of innovative strategies that aim to increase the presence, self-determination, and discourses of marginalized communities.

Kate Monro is the Executive Director and Publisher of C Magazine, a contemporary art and criticism periodical that focuses on the activities of contemporary art practitioners with an emphasis on those from Black, Indigenous, diasporic and other equity-seeking communities. She approaches this sharing opportunity with openness and humility, acknowledging that equity work is ongoing and complex, requiring sensitivity and adaptiveness to ever-changing norms.


How to Be a Better Writer

Want to learn the most common mistakes even professional writers miss in their own text? Seasoned editor Leslie Wu shares her top tips for catching errors every time. Whether you’re writing copy for magazine articles or grant applications, circulation efforts or sales kits, find out this pro’s secrets to effectively proofing your own work, avoiding commonly overused phrases, and streamlining wordy copy. This webinar is essential for anyone who wants to improve their professional writing.

Leslie Wu is a freelance food and travel writer with 20 years of experience in the publishing industry. A regular contributor to Forbes Life and Food Network Canada, she is also a part-time professor in Sheridan College’s Creative Writing & Publishing Program and holds a Master of Arts in Communications from McGill University.


Making Money and Deepening Your Reader Connection with Digital Fundraising

As ad sales plummeted last spring, Inuit Art Quarterly ran a tight digital fundraising campaign that doubled its goal, pulling in more than $50,000 in two weeks. In this webinar, Publisher Alysa Procida and Editorial Director Britt Gallpen describe the magazine’s business strategy, which focuses on converting readers into donors and deepening their commitment to Inuit art. Learn the secrets for donor engagement that propelled this award-winning magazine to success.

Alysa Procida is the Executive Director of the Inuit Art Foundation and Publisher of the award-winning Inuit Art Quarterly. Under her leadership, the foundation successfully launched several signature programs including the Igloo Tag Trademark, which protects artists from cultural appropriation and theft; the Inuit Artist Database, an unprecedented biographical resource for artists to receive support in creating online CVs; and the inaugural Kenojuak Ashevak Memorial Award, which supports an established Inuit artist in pursuing an artistic residency.

Britt Gallpen is a writer, curator and Editorial Director of Inuit Art Quarterly. Since 2016, she has expanded the magazine’s scope to examine circumpolar artists and contemporary practices, while paying particular attention to mentoring emerging Indigenous writers. In recognition of her efforts, she was awarded the Magazines Grand Prix’s Editor of the Year, Honourable Mention in 2017, while the magazine was shortlisted for the Magazine Grand Prix—Arts and Literary. This was followed by four nominations at the National Magazine Awards in 2018: Best Arts and Literary Magazine, Art Direction Grand Prix, Best Editorial Package and Best One-of-a-Kind Storytelling (silver).


How to Launch a Successful Podcast

Podcasts have gone mainstream, and more and more people are tuning in. For magazines, audio content provides unique connections with new audiences. In this webinar, Michelle Kelly, Vice President of Content at Cottage Life, describes how she and her team created an eight-episode series that ran during summer 2020. She shares the details of how they chose a format, length and sponsor, the nuts and bolts of hosting, promoting and tracking the series, plus the challenges of recording from home during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Michelle Kelly was named Editor of Cottage Life magazine in July 2015 and the brand’s Vice President, Content, in September 2019. She’s a member of the Professional Advisory Committee for Centennial College in Toronto, and is the recipient of numerous National Magazine Awards and Editors’ Choice Awards from the Canadian Society of Magazine Editors.


How to Write a Winning Grant Application

It takes time to write a funding application, so why not make sure that effort pays off? Joyce Byrne, an experienced publishing professional who has both written grant proposals and been on selection juries, shares the key elements of a successful application. Plus, you’ll learn which agencies offer funding, how to deal with project officers, and how to ask for feedback.

Joyce Byrne is Alberta Magazine Publishers’ outgoing president and an award-winning veteran of the Canadian magazine industry. She has led creative, marketing and sales teams and boards in Toronto, Edmonton and Calgary, and has worked on nearly every type of magazine, from literary to light industrial, with consumer, business, health and cannabis in between. Her personal brand is I Love Magazines.


Social Media 101

If you need to up your social media game but have limited knowledge and resources, this webinar is for you! Learn what works and what doesn’t as social media pro Andrew Lovesey explains how to create a dynamic presence on social media, which platforms make the most sense for your business, how to be consistent around your brands, and the best ways to engage and grow your audience.

Andrew Lovesey is the manager of editorial and travel partnerships for Canadian Geographic and The Royal Canadian Geographical Society. He has been working in the marketing industry for nearly 10 years and specializes in stakeholder and community engagement leveraging digital and social mediums.


Breakups Suck! 3 Secrets to Everlasting Reader Love

There are more than a few parallels between the dating process and reader retention. From the initial meeting and getting to know you phase, to friends with benefits, infatuation, engagement, and finally a long-term commitment, there are so many moments where we can take a relationship to the next phase or let it phase out completely. In this presentation, Nikolay Malyarov will share innovative strategies that attract and retain readers, helping to grow reach and revenues for publishers.

Nothing gets past Nikolay Malyarov, the CEO International and Chief Content Officer at PressReader. That’s a good thing. His strategic vision and knowledge of the tech, travel, education, and publishing industries have helped turn PressReader into a profitable global business. A FIPP board member and popular speaker at industry events, Nikolay shows publishing and business executives how to capitalize on opportunities others miss.


How to Work with a Guest Editor

Jayne Wilkinson and Yaniya LeeMagazines sometimes use celebrity guest editors to create buzz, but guest editors can also help you reach new audiences, develop critical conversations, and enliven your publication. Canadian Art‘s Editor-in-Chief Jayne Wilkinson and Features Editor Yaniya Lee share some of their insights into the process of working with a guest editor, including some of the benefits, and potential pitfalls. And, given current conditions, they discuss how to manage a magazine and website under the COVID-19 restrictions and some strategies for moving forward.

Jayne Wilkinson is a writer, editor, and independent curator. She is currently Editor-in-Chief at Canadian Art.

Yaniya Lee is a writer and editor interested in collective practice and the ethics of aesthetics. She is currently Features Editor at Canadian Art.


Paddling from a Print Past into the New Digital Future

Last year, Rapid Media’s Paddling Magazine launched two innovative online tools offering its passionate paddling audience hundreds of products, experiences, and services. Rapid Media’s founder Scott MacGregor, and director of marketing, Cristin Plaice, share the inspiration and cross-platform integration behind Paddling Trip Guide and Paddling Buyer’s Guide, their experience building the tools, and their innovative and evolving revenue models for advertising sales and e-commerce.

Scott MacGregor is the founder and publisher at Rapid Media, the world’s leading paddlesports media company including, Paddling Magazine, Kayak Angler and Paddling Business. He is an avid kayaker, canoeist, skier and mountain biker. His passion for paddlesports and the outdoors drove him to entrepreneurship when he started the company 21 years ago. MacGregor’s believes the success of Rapid Media can be attributed to its steady adaptation to new ideas while giving enthusiast readers and endemic media partners exactly what they want.

Cristin Plaice is Rapid Media’s Director of Marketing and Business Development. Plaice joined the team five years ago and is now diversifying revenues and exploring new media channels. She believes media companies like Rapid must always be creating products to fill niche needs and positioning its brands as authorities to their audiences where they already are.


How Immigrants Consume News Differently from Other Canadians

One in five Canadians is an immigrant, making it important for publishers to understand how newcomers consume Canadian media. George Abraham, of New Canadian Media, presents the key findings of a new study, commissioned in partnership with RKI, that explores the crucial components for immigrant trust in media. Find out how demographics affect the media habits of immigrant Canadians and how publishers can respond.

George Abraham brings 30 years of writing and newsroom management experience to his position as Founder-Publisher and Executive Director of New Canadian Media. NCM is a member-based non-profit that exists to showcase immigrant journalism and amplify the work of the NCM Collective, who come from various immigrant/ethnic backgrounds. George lived and worked as a journalist in four countries before arriving in Canada in 2002.