Volunteer Awards

Volunteer of the Year: Magazines Canada

The Magazines Canada Volunteer of the Year Award, established in 2006, honours one person per year who has made an outstanding volunteer contribution to the Canadian magazine industry.

2016 Magazines Canada Volunteer of the Year

We are currently accepting nominations for the 2016 Volunteer of the Year. Candidates must have contributed at least 10 years of volunteer service to the industry and a commitment to Magazines Canada.

You may nominate as many candidates for the Volunteer of the Year award as you like. The recipient of the award is chosen by a committee of long-standing magazine professionals. The Volunteer of the Year is celebrated in a special ceremony at MagNet: Canada’s Magazine Conference.

Please use the Nomination Form to complete your nomination(s).

The submission deadline is Friday, March 3, 2017.

Winners of the 2015 Volunteer Awards

On behalf of Canadian magazines from coast to coast, Magazines Canada thanks these outstanding volunteers for their contributions in 2015.

Magazines Canada Volunteer of the Year
Chris Purcell

Magazines Canada Volunteer of the Year, Chris Purcell

Chris Purcell is Vice President of Marketing and Circulation, and General Manager, Toronto for TVA Publications. He is responsible for the circulation strategy and consumer marketing for over 20 French- and English-language print and digital editions, including Canadian Living, Style At Home, Coup De Pouce, Elle Canada, Hockey News, Elle Quebec and 7 Jours. Previously he was Vice President of Consumer Marketing Solutions & Retail Sales for TC Media, where he led the launch of their interactive tablet editions. He currently sits on the Alliance for Audited Media’s Canadian Digital Advisory committee, and is an active member of several Magazines Canada committees: he serves on the association’s Blue Box advisory group and Canada Post advisory group, and chairs the Circulation Marketing committee.

Magazines Association of BC Volunteer of the Year
Jane Hope

MABC Volunteer of the Year, Jane Hope

Jane Hope got her start in publishing 10 years ago at Vallum in Montreal. Since then, she’s made stops at the MPub program at Simon Fraser University, UBC Press and Modern Dog magazine. Today, she’s Senior Editor at ECHO Storytelling Agency, where they solve business problems with publishing solutions—which yes, means magazines.

Alberta Magazine Publishers Association Volunteer of the Year
Brnesh Berhe

AMPA Volunteer of the Year, Brnesh Berhe

Brnesh Berhe is a passionate human rights advocate who saw an opportunity to raise greater awareness and initiate change with the power of storytelling, launching Marker magazine. Brnesh self-published the independent publication from her home in Edmonton, while juggling a full-time job and a side gig as a freelancer. She wore many hats at the magazine—editor, art director, publisher, sales associate to provide a niche outlet for writers to write and report on a range of issues, from music and the arts to racial and sexual inequality.

Magazines Ontario Volunteer of the Year
Patricia Clarke

Patricia Clarke began her career in journalism more than half a century ago as a Hollywood reporter for United Press International. In 1965 she joined the staff of The United Church Observer as “Women’s Editor.” She became interim editor in 1979, and officially retired in 1980, but in 1996 re-established an ongoing relationship with The Observer as volunteer editor of the Letters section. Now 92, she continues to deliver award-winning copy on time, month in and month out; the Letters section remains the most-read part of the magazine.

Magazines du Québec Volunteer of the Year
Jean-François Morin

AQEM Volunteer of the Year, Jean-Francois Morin

Jean-François started his career in magazines in 1996 at Transcontinental Publications (now TC Media). In 2005 he joined Éditions Genex, and was promoted in 2006 to Assistant General Manager, where he managed everyday operations of the group’s magazines. In 2008, he became Bayard Presse Canada’s Information Systems Manager, overseeing subscription and book software for the Canadian market. He is now Analyst and Fulfillment Manager for the more than 80 magazines published and managed by Bayard Presse Canada and Senior Publications. Jean-François joined the board of Magazines du Québec in 2010, and is currently its president.

* The Manitoba Magazine Publishers’ Association and the Atlantic Magazines Association did not announce a Volunteer of the Year for 2015.

Past Volunteer Award Winners

Magazines Canada celebrates magazine volunteers from across the country!


Magazines Canada Volunteer of the Year 2013
Immee Chee Wah, Vice President, Business Planning, Rogers Publishing

Cross-Country Volunteer Award Winners
Darren Bernaerdt, MABC
Emily Ursuliak, AMPA
Deborah Morrison, MMPA
Melony Ward, Magazines Ontario
Thom Knowles, AMA

Magazines du Québec (AQEM) did not announce a Volunteer of the Year for 2013.


Magazines Canada Volunteer of the Year 2012
Darlene Storey, Vice President, Consumer Marketing and Production, St. Joseph Media

Cross-Country Volunteer Award Winners
Diane Wong, MABC
Brenda Johnstone, MMPA
Alistair Cheng, Magazines Ontario
Alexa Thompson, AMA

The Alberta Magazine Publishers Association (AMPA) and Magazines du Québec (AQEM) did not announce a Volunteer of the Year for 2012.


Magazines Canada Volunteer of the Year 2011
Joyce Byrne, Vice President and Associate Publisher, Venture Publishing

Cross-Country Volunteer Award Winners
Jenn Farrell, MABC
Bobbi Beatty, AMPA (co-winner)
Kayla Nash, AMPA (co-winner)
Christopher Purcell, Magazines Ontario
Sylvain Bédard, AQEM
Christine Beevis Trickett, AMA


Magazines Canada Volunteer of the Year 2010
Jessica Ross, Vice President and Treasurer, the Canadian Society of Magazine Editors

Cross-Country Volunteer Award Winners
Clélie Rich, MABC
Claire Lacey, AMPA
Deborah Morrison, MMPA
Eithne McCredie, Magazines Ontario
Catherine Resch, AQEM
Sharon Resky, AMA


Magazines Canada Volunteer of the Year 2009
John Milne, Business and Professional Publishing, Rogers Publishing Limited

Cross-Country Volunteer Award Winners
Tracy Stefanucci, BCAMP
Rob Tanner, AMPA
Betty Ann Watts, MMPA
Jeff Shearer, Magazines Ontario
Robert Goyette, AQEM
Dawn Chafe, AMA


Magazines Canada Volunteer of the Year 2008
Patrick Walsh, Outdoor Canada

Cross-Country Volunteer Award Winners
Anicka Quin, BCAMP
Erinne Sevigny, AMPA
Penni Mitchell, MMPA
Hervé Juste, AQEM
Patty Baxter & Sheila Blair-Reid, AMA


Magazines Canada Volunteer of the Year 2007
Jim and Linda Gourlay, Saltscapes

Cross-Country Volunteer Award Winners
Brian Kaufman, BCAMP
Lynn Fraser, AMPA
Linda Hazelwood, MMPA
Féliz Maltais, AQEM
Shawn Dalton, AMA


Magazines Canada Volunteer of the Year 2006
Terry Sellwood, Cottage Life, explore and Magazines Canada

Cross-Country Volunteer Award Winners
Lisa Manfield, BCAMP
Derek Beaulieu, AMPA
Andris Taskans, MMPA
Suzanne Lamouche, AQEM


Magazines Canada Volunteer of the Year 2005
Michael Fox, Rogers and Magazines Canada

Outstanding Volunteers
Melissa Edwards
Tony Fouhse, Burnt Toast
Colin Martin, dANDelion