Return Policy & Terms


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No matter where you are in Canada, Magazines Canada pays for most of the shipping of magazines to your store. Stores pay a minimal portion of the overall shipping costs (no more than $5.00 per order) and get their magazines in a fraction of the time it takes to go through the wholesale system.


We ship to most accounts every week. We have the ability to ship out faster than larger distributors, as we operate without wholesalers and agents. An easy-to-read invoice and a simple to-use return form accompanies each shipment.


All unsold magazines are 100% returnable—simply send back the front cover (and back cover if it displays a barcode) for full credit within 90 days of receiving the next issue. Credit notes will be matched with any claim memos you supply.


Each month, Magazines Canada sends all stores a statement giving a detailed listing of invoices, credit notes, payments, adjustments, etc., and copies of all of the month’s invoices and credit notes.

Selected Ordering and Re-Orders

To begin receiving magazines from us, fill out the order form at the back of this catalogue with the titles and quantities marked, and return it with your store and contact info to Magazines Canada. We’ll take care of the rest. And keep in mind: Magazines Canada Distribution Services has a re-ordering system that is both reliable and flexible. If a magazine sells out, give us a call—we will usually be able to send out a re-order the same day. As well, you can change your order or add new titles at any time. We leave the choices up to you!

*All prices and frequencies quoted in the catalogue are subject to change without notice.

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