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    In the first episode of our magBlast series on sponsored content, Doug Kelly, Publisher and Managing Director of Strategic Content Labs at St. Joseph Media, discusses Toronto Life’s partnership with Kijiji.


    A study from the March 2017 Integral Ad Science media quality report reveals that when it comes to viewability rates, Canada comes out on top.


    The 2016 Consumer Magazine Media Fact Book contains over 180 new and updated pages of content relating to trends, ad positioning, ad effectiveness and the new digital landscape. View the…


    The 2016 Digital Magazine Media Fact Book has been expanded, edited and updated to contain only the most current research pertaining to digital editions, ereaders, smartphones, social media, videos and…


    Sponsored videos allow advertisers to connect with magazine readers in a direct and active way.


    Learn essential tools and techniques for verifying digital content such as tweets, photos and videos. Craig Silverman will also discuss how to quickly identify common hoaxes and other misinformation.


    This study assesses the opportunity for the broad based membership of Magazines Canada to consider the establishment of an “emarket” approach to the creation of video content and the development…


    Kyle Shay, Director of Engagement at Annex Business Media, talks about the importance of audio and video quality and how small magazines can create their own for less. View the…


    Jennifer Goldberg, writer, editor and co-founder of Tavanberg, advises on how your magazine can use YouTube as a platform for video success. View the PDF 5 Lessons on YouTube Success for…

    Ep 54: Blair Harley

    We revisit a conversation with producer and director Blair Harley on video production for publishers. Learn how video can bring your brand to a wider television and online audience.