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    In this webinar, Nikolay Malyarov of PressReader shares innovative strategies that attract and retain readers, helping to grow reach and revenues for publishers.

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    We’ve put together a survey for Canadian magazine publishers to help determine the economic impact of COVID-19 on the magazine industry in Canada. The survey closes March 24, 2020.


    Join us as Nicky Middleton, founder and publisher of award-winning Brainspace magazine, an interactive magazine for kids, explains how AR can bring static editorial and advertising print pages to life with animation, video, shopping and other digital tools.


    A solid mix of revenue sources is essential for magazines these days. We talk with This Magazine publisher Lisa Whittington-Hill about her best practices for different approaches to funding.

    Ep 145: Lisa Whittington-Hill

    A solid mix of revenue sources is essential for magazines these days. This Magazine publisher Lisa Whittington-Hill shares her best practices for different approaches to funding. Music: TimeTrain by PC III


    When it comes to revenue, advertising sales are not the only option for magazines. In fact for niche magazines with small circulations, courting advertisers can become a losing proposition, as…


    So far this century almost every magazine has endeavoured to manifest its readership as it has always done: distribute the magazine as best you can across all platforms and create…


    If the editorial and demographics of an event are the same as your magazine, the cost to participate is reasonable, the marketing is effective, then there’s strong potential to generate…


    In a conversation with international magazine association FIPP, St. Joseph Media’s Jacqueline Loch describes how FASHION magazine has meaningfully transitioned away from “traditional” revenue streams by re-positioning itself as a luxury brand with advertisers and readers.


    Our 2017 Hotsheet series is officially rolling out! This week’s Hotsheet, 4 Easy Ways Analytics Can Help Editors by Carley Fortune, discusses why analytics matter, how they can help and how you can use analytics to your advantage to make them a better editor. This is just one of the many exciting Hotsheets we have coming your way.