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    The Alberta Magazine Publishers Association and the Magazine Association of BC have partnered to administer a Canada-wide survey on diversity, inclusion and equity in the magazine industry.


    One in five Canadians is an immigrant, making it important for publishers to understand how newcomers consume Canadian media. Find out how demographics affect the media habits of immigrant Canadians and how publishers can respond.


    By Angela Sterritt, Journalist and Writer, CBC I often get asked, what makes an Indigenous story different? And I always say the say the same thing. Nothing. That might seem…


    By Chelene Knight, Managing Editor/Executive Director of Room magazine, and Festival Director of the Growing Room Literary Festival When thinking about diversifying your contributors, you must first think about what…


    Many people struggle with finding the right words when it comes to speaking to or about diverse audiences. This Hotsheet addresses the definition of key words, and also how to…

    Ep 125: Sheila James

    Sheila James, Senior Strategic Advisor for Canada Council for the Arts, discusses the new funding formula that the agency is using to help determine where grant funds are allocated. Listen now to discover the importance of CCA putting an increased emphasis on diversity.


    It’s important to engage with diverse communities and understand their interests. charles c. smith’s Hotsheet discusses how magazine publishers can better include and write for a diverse audience. charles c….


    The Cultural Magazines Summit was held in downtown Toronto on October 16, 2015. It was attended by 59 people representing 29 different magazines from across Canada. It was also attended…