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    New rules have been applied to CASL concerning apps and program installation. Hotsheet author Melanie Rutledge discusses how it applies to magazine publishers and their digital editions, and what they…


    Distinguished copyright expert, Barrister & Solicitor Grace Westcott provides readers with helpful tips regarding digital copyrights specific for those in magazine publishing. View the PDF: Digital Copyright for Magazines by…


    The webinar is led by Puneet Soni, a lawyer with McCarthy Tetrault law firm, and focused on the critical impacts CASL will have on magazine publishing going forward.

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    This exclusive, comprehensive guide and how-to resource was produced to help magazine publishers comply with the new legislation. View PDF: Your Definitive Guide to Canada’s Anti-Spam Law: Magazines Canada Hotsheets…

    Copyright 101

    Join us for a primer on copyright with lawyer Warren Sheffer of Hebb & Sheffer.