Genuine Canadian Icon

How to use

Put One on Your Cover Today! Tell Readers Your Magazine is Genuine Canadian

The Genuine Canadian icon promotes consumer awareness in a market where magazines promoted as genuinely Canadian outperformed others by 5%.

Readers polled said they recognized Canadian magazines 147% more after the second year of the Genuine Canadian campaign. Magazines Canada encourages all of its members to use the Genuine Canadian icon on their covers.

High-res versions of the Genuine Canadian icon are available for download in the members-only area.

When placing the Genuine Canadian Magazine icon on your cover, please:


    1. Do not use the old “Genuine Article” red wax seal from several years ago
    2. Place the Genuine Canadian Magazine icon in the upper right quadrant of your cover. If that’s not possible, please place it on the top half of the cover so it can be seen on the newsstand
    3. Size the icon between 1/2″ and 3/4″ in width
    4. Use the colour version of the icon as often as possible
    5. If you use the black & white version, do not reverse colours
    6. Note that a French version of the icon is also available