Get Involved With Committees!

Why join a committee? Magazines Canada encourages members to join committees to have their voices heard. It’s a platform for change and evolution of the industry.

On each committee, magazine professionals come together to share ideas, ask questions, learn from experience and consider the future. Each committee advises Magazines Canada on areas of focus, enquiry, and improvement, but committee members also work together on projects and ideas within the industry.

Committee work can be as interesting, ambitious and wide-ranging as the members of the committee. For more information and to get involved contact Rebecca Rosenblum at

The Arts & Literary Committee

The staff of arts and literary magazines and members of their community are invited to join the A&L committee to talk about grants and other funding opportunities, operations issues and ideas, partnership opportunities, and general collaboration and knowledge-sharing with peers across the country.

The Circulation Marketing Advisory Committee (CMAC)

CMAC invites magazine staff members and other industry professionals with expertise in circulation marketing to talk newsstand historical data and projections and how they influence distribution strategy, understanding readership demographic trends, and many other issues that effect how magazines get into the hands of readers.

The Business Media Advisory Committee

This committee invites those working for business-to-business publishers or other professionals working in this area to join a committee focused on the specific needs of B2B publishers—from research to advertising to professional networking and more!