Canada Council

for the Arts


Canada Council Releases New Data on Arts Funding

In November 2023, the Canada Council for the Arts released its latest open data set about its operations and funding, Stats and Stories 2022-23. The open data contains “detailed breakdowns of funding, five-year trends, data tables and stories about what artists, groups and arts organizations did with their grants.” Read more.

Canada Council Launches New Digital Strategy Fund

The Canada Council for the Arts has published program details concerning its new Digital Strategy Fund. The fund has a total budget of $88.5 million, which will be allocated over four years. The objective of the Digital Strategy Fund is to support “Canadian artists and arts organizations to make the transition to a digital society.”

Canada Council for the Arts Releases Strategic Plan 2016-21

The Canada Council for the Arts has released its new strategic plan. The document, called Shaping a New Future, will guide the agency’s actions over the five years spanning 2016 to 2021.

Letters and Submissions

Letter Re: Federal Budget 2016 Announcement of Increased Funding for Canada Council [Members only]

A letter from Magazines Canada to Canada Council for the Arts director and CEO Simon Brault on the occasion of the 2016 federal budget announcement of increased funding for the Council.

Canada Council for the Arts New Funding Model: What Literary and Art Magazines Need to Know

On December 4, 2015, the Canada Council for the Arts announced details of its new funding model, which consists of six broad non-disciplinary granting programs. The new programs will begin accepting applications in 2017. Current programs and deadlines will continue through to the end of 2016.

Public Engagement and Canada’s Cultural Magazines in the 21st Century

Magazines Canada, with the cooperation of its Cultural Magazines Committee, has drafted a response to the Canada Council for the Arts’ Public Engagement Discussion Paper. The commentary document makes the argument that public engagement is already in the “publisher DNA,” in that the history of magazines is one based on demand first, and goes on to cite multiple examples of the creative methods cultural publishers use to engage their readers and their artistic communities.