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Working Toward Equity
Kate Monro
Kate Monro shares how C Magazine addresses its commitment to equity by embedding principles of anti-oppression and meaningful inclusion into its strategic plan, organizational culture and programs. During this webinar, find out how these ongoing efforts have been manifested, through staff and board training; the establishment of an equity committee; the development of new policies and procedures, including an affirmative action framework; and the setting of targets and formulation of innovative strategies that aim to increase the presence, self-determination, and discourses of marginalized communities. Kate Monro is the Executive Director and Publisher of C Magazine, a contemporary art and criticism periodical that focuses on the activities of contemporary art practitioners with an emphasis on those from Black, Indigenous, diasporic and other equity-seeking communities. She approaches this sharing opportunity with openness and humility, acknowledging that equity work is ongoing and complex, requiring sensitivity and adaptiveness to ever-changing norms.
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