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Workflow and the New Normal: How to Work Remotely for the Long Haul
Kilian Schalk
We’ve all been waiting to go back to the office and resume ‘normal’ operations post-pandemic. But what if the future is remote? What if there is no more ‘normal’ to resume? How can individual magazine teams transition to digital, maintain quality, and make deadline without burning out? What technology helps… and hinders? We will do a deep dive into these and other questions facing publishers of small and medium-sized magazines across Canada, giving you the tools and resources you’ll need to seize control of your process, develop and implement content-first workflows, free up wasted energy, choose and develop new channels, lower stress levels, and grow your brand. Speaker: Kilian Schalk – Content Workflow Design & Implementation@PurpleGray Consulting An expert in workflow design and “an energetic, passionate devotee of continuous improvement”, Kilian Schalk has been enabling publishers to thrive in a multi-channel environment for decades. He recently positioned America Media, one of the oldest periodicals in the United States, to ‘lead the conversation about faith and culture’ and created the blueprint for a workflow overhaul of Vanity Fair. He also put The New Yorker on the iPad as Technical Director of Digital Projects, helped define and implement cultural change across eighteen titles at Condé Nast, and began his career as the youngest Production Manager in Rolling Stone history. His unique workflow transformation program guides small to mid-sized magazine teams as they define and implement the culture change needed to compete in a mobile environment, launch new digital products, find room in the day to create podcasts, expand into radio, add video channels, and go home on time.
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