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How to Create Winning Covers
Craig Sweetman
What are the secrets behind creating covers that resonate with consumers? What is the formula for creating those covers? Join us as we share the elements to creating covers that not only draw consumers to a magazine but lead them to purchase it as well. Speaker: Craig Sweetman – Retail Circulation & Consumer Marketing @ CRS Media Craig Sweetman has over 40yrs experience in the retail circulation and consumer marketing areas of the magazine business. He was Eastern Canadian Manager for Conde Nast Publications for 15 years and managed the growth of such publications as Architectural Digest, Vogue, Vanity Fair and GQ magazines. When Conde Nast and Hearst merged their retail side in 2000 Craig took over the new role of Retail Sales Manager – Canada East at CMG where he managed the growth of additional publications such as Oprah, Cosmopolitan and Esquire. He then moved to Coast to Coast in 2003 to become Director of Canadian Agency Relations where he was instrumental in the launch and growth of such publications as Zoomer, Sharp, Sharp’s Book for Men, Pacific Yachting and Outdoor Canada. He launched his own consultancy in 2013. Craig is Chair of the CMAC (Circulation Marketing Advisory Committee) for Magazines Canada and also chairs an industry group called the (IAG) Industry Action Group.
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