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B2B Panel Discussion: Building Audience, Building Sales
Kennedy, Mancini, Moore, Trumper
In today’s publishing landscape the ever increasing importance of data, especially first party data, is undeniable. Join a panel of 4 audience experts to discuss how the role of Audience Departments has changed to effectively adapt to these new data requirements. Learn what they’re doing differently from compliance to data acquisition, data usage to new innovative data product development. With almost 100 years of combined experience, be sure to have your questions ready! Bob Kennedy – Moderator Director of Business Development @Omeda Bob Kennedy is currently the Director of Business Development at Omeda, an enterprise Audience Management firm located in Chicago, IL. He has a wealth of experience within the media and information industries having held additional positions in Audience Solutions and Client Services at Omeda. Prior to that, he has held positions in Client Relationship Management at Hallmark Data Systems, Director of Operations in the Audience Development department at CMP Media/UBM Tech and Supervisor role at BPA. Bob is also active in the media organizations and is currently serving as the President for the AAMP – the Association for Audience Marketing Professionals. You can connect with Bob on LinkedIn here – https://www.linkedin.com/in/robertfranciskennedy/ Kathy Mancini – Panelist Sr Product Engineer @Computer Fulfillment Kathy Mancini is Sr Product Engineer at Computer Fulfillment where she manages day to day operations and provides strategic direction of new products and services. Kathy partners with clients to understand their unique needs. This leads to the development of new functionality for CF’s fulfillment and integrated audience management platforms. Vesna Moore – Panelist Director of Audience Development @Annex Business Media Vesna Moore is the Director of Audience Development for Annex Business Media. She manages a readership database with more than 750,000 active subscribers and over 700,000 eNewsletter recipients across 60+ products encompassing over 30 industries and 300 business sectors all leveraged with the use of proprietary market research, profiling/segmentation as well as leading edge technology. She’s worked for large and small magazine publishing companies within both the consumer and trade (b2b) sectors for the past 30 years. Hannah Trumper – Panelist Audience Development Manager @Newcom Media Hannah Trumper is an Audience Development Manager at Newcom Media with 10+ years experience in marketing, circulation and audience development (previous stints include TC Media and AZURE). Focused primarily on digital acquisition and retention, it’s her job to find and keep readers. When she’s not executing a marketing plan or fighting with an excel spreadsheet, she enjoys competitive baking shows and meandering local neighborhoods.
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