Remote Consultants Program

What is the Remote Consultants Program?

The Magazines Canada Remote Consultants Program (RCP) is an updated version of MC’s previous, very beloved Travelling Consultants program. RCP is more flexible, more accessible, and ready to launch in 2024. In collaboration with Katahdin Media Management, Magazines Canada is going to help publishers to proactively face issues in their businesses with a series of seven monthly micro-consulting sessions with two publishing experts. Twenty-two Magazines Canada members will have the opportunity to sit down (remotely) for an uninterrupted hour once a month for seven months to discuss their most-pressing challenges and come up with solutions.

Apply for the Remote Consultants Program

Remote Consultants Program

Applications open June 12–July 12, 2024

Who are the consultants?

John Wilpers and Peter Medwid of Katahdin Media Management have been working with publishers around the world with powerful results. The CEOs say that the sessions are not only “publisher therapy” time but also extremely practical, solution-focused exchanges that have resulted in substantial changes with measurable improvement.

If you’d like to learn more about John, Peter, and Katahdin, check out their website


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For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Magazines Canada at

Who can apply for the Remote Consultants Program?

Any magazine member of Magazines Canada in good standing is welcome and encouraged to apply. Not a member yet?

What is the application process schedule?

Applications open June 12, 2024

Applications close July 12, 2024

All magazines will find out if they were selected by August 12, 2024, and can begin to work with the consultants to set up their meeting schedules.

Meetings run monthly from September 2024 to March 2025, but if the magazine requests an accelerated schedule of their seven meetings, the consultants will do their best to accommodate.

How much does the program cost?

The cost to members is $350—the same as the cost of the previous Travelling Consultants Program. The rest of the $2200/magazine program is covered by Magazines Canada and our generous funders at the Government of Canada (Department of Canadian Heritage, Canada Periodical Fund).

Is the application process a competition?

MC has received enough funding for 22 magazines to participate in the RCP. If we receive more than 22 applications, we will do our best to allocate places where they will do the most good, and hope to receive further funding in future years to extend the program to more magazines.

Over what period of time can we schedule the seven consultant meetings?

The suggested timing is one meeting per month for seven months starting in September. That said, if a given magazine team felt that they would benefit from a more compressed schedule, the consultants are happy to work with them and will accommodate each team’s preferences to the best of their abilities and the limits of the calendar.

How many topics could we cover?

For example, is it one topic over seven meetings, could it be one topic per session?

The application is going to ask for three or four topics, which is what John and Peter suggested as a good starting place. Each consultation will naturally have its own shape, with some issues taking up more space and others naturally leading to others.

Why participate in the Remote Consultants Program?

The RCP is an exclusive benefit of membership with Magazines Canada, providing one-on-one access to industry experts on an ongoing basis for seven months at a very economical cost.