What’s Your Favourite Magazine Moment?

As part of our Spring 2017 contest promotion, we asked readers to share a favourite Magazine Moment.

They told us that their Magazine Moments are a source of private, relaxing, quality time. These are interludes for indulging personal interests, keeping up with the news, discovering new products and ideas. They told us how good it feels to read a magazine, whoever and wherever you are.

Magazine Moments are savoured at home, at the cottage, in the garden, in the morning with a coffee, at night before bed, after dinner, while commuting or travelling, in waiting rooms or the bathtub. The pattern is consistent in both English and French, among women and men.

These Magazine Moments help to underline the truth that magazines provide a welcome experience for readers and a quality environment for advertisers—one where consumers are receptive, concentrated, relaxed and open-minded.

Here’s a sample of the 6,000 Magazine Moments we received:

“Any chance I get. A fabulous way to unwind and relax from the hustle and bustle of life!”
Annie in Moyie, BC

“Saturday morning with a coffee on the couch with the dog.”
Laurie in Halifax, NS

“Sunday mornings before the kids get out of bed, drinking my coffee.”
Jenny in Trenton, NS

“After supper I like to relax in my big chair and browse travel magazines to plan my next adventure.”
Armand in Lorette, MB

“On the deck under a warm sun.”
Brian in Calgary, AB

“On the train, commuting to and from work. It makes the long ride more enjoyable…”
Amanda in Vaughan, ON

“I read in lineups and waiting rooms everywhere.”
Joan in Dorval, QC

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