Welcome to Our Newest Members!

Magazines Canada is pleased to welcome eight new members to our association! These new member magazines are ACT Magazine, Birth of a Woman Magazine, Heavy Equipment Guide, Marketing News Canada, Photo Life, Recycling Product News, Rrampt and Saving Earth Magazine.

Cover of ACT Magazine

ACT Magazine
ACT Magazine is an independent, seasonal print and digital magazine, founded in 2020 and based in Toronto. It aims to be a destination to satisfy aesthetic hunger and a place to showcase unique, creative people and artists of all kinds. The magazine features interviews, editorials and stories from various creative artists and talents from around the world.

Cover of Birth of a Woman Magazine

Birth of a Woman Magazine
Birth of a Woman is an alternative esoteric health magazine, and a Canadian restorative look at being a woman; maiden, mother, crone. The Village, Community, Tribe, Circle, telling stories that women want to hear, and having conversations that women want to have.

Cover of Heavy Equipment Guide

Heavy Equipment Guide (published by Baum Publications)
Heavy Equipment Guide covers the latest innovations in construction equipment, business management and technology for Canadian contractors.

Logo for Marketing News Canada

Marketing News Canada
Canada’s premier publication highlighting influential marketing leaders. Marketing News Canada aims to unearth the latest news, tips, tricks, and insights from the best marketers from Canada and around the world, and also shares pertinent industry news.

Cover of Photo Life magazine

Photo Life
Each issue of Photo Life is chock-full of inspiring content. Whether it’s interviews with prominent photographers, longer thought-provoking pieces, funny stories, articles on photo tools, or ideas for improving technique and storytelling approaches, it’s all designed for those who travel the world camera in hand.

Cover of Recycling Product News

Recycling Product News (published by Baum Publications)
Recycling Product News provides in-depth analysis on the recycling and waste diversion industries. Coverage includes scrap metal, plastics and paper, tires, e-waste, auto, C&D, organics recycling, hauling and collection.

Cover of Rrampt magazine

Rrampt is a magazine that highlights music, culture, art, food, and lifestyle in Grey Bruce Simcoe. It publishes all that’s good, bad, cool, and funny around Georgian Bay.

Cover of Saving Earth Magazine

Saving Earth Magazine
Saving Earth is a quarterly environmental magazine that focuses on environment, conservation, climate change, green businesses, and creating a better world. Saving Earth Magazine strives to lead through education and example, partnering with global non-profit environmental organizations and green businesses, highlighting the best in climate-change and sustainable journalism.

From the Magazines Canada team, a big welcome to our newest member magazines!

Are you interested in joining Canada’s national association and lead advocate for magazine media? Learn more about the benefits of joining Magazines Canada at magazinescanada.ca/become-a-member.


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