Welcome New Magazines Canada Members!

We’re happy to introduce you to eight new Magazines Canada members: Autojournal and Canadian AutojournalCamauto and FleetdigestCanadian SMECrypto CultureMarQuee Magazine; and Merrymen!

Cover of Canadian Autojournal magazine (French edition) magazine Cover of Canadian Autojournal magazine (English edition), November 2018 issue

Canadian Autojournal is the premier resource for Canada’s car and truck dealership industry, published in both official languages. News, investigative reports, industry affairs, statistics, remarketing, F7I, best business practices and much more!

Cover of Camauto magazine Cover of Fleetdigest magazine

Camauto is published six times a year, and is dedicated to serving the business interests of the maintenance and repair industry. 8,115 certified copies are distributed across Quebec.

Fleetdigest is published six times a year, and is dedicated to serving the business interests of the maintenance and repair industry. 12,497 certified copies are distributed across Canada.

Cover of Canadian SME magazine, December 2018 issue Cover of Crypto Culture magazine

Every month, Canadian SME magazine shares information to improve your small and medium-sized business, including upcoming events, interviews with rising business influencers, and tips on how to take your company to the next level. With focused and fact-proven content, Canadian SME magazine provides solutions to the challengers of managing a business and ensuring its success.

Crypto Culture magazine strives to balance cryptocurrency education, investment information and industry awareness to the public in a transparent manner that isn’t affected by companies, sponsors or organizations. Crypto Culture magazine aims to make basic information about the cryptocurrency industry free, and specialized information succinct.

Cover of MarQuee magazine, Summer 2018 issue Cover of Merrymen magazine

MarQuee Magazine is a luxury lifestyle magazine that blends style and elegance with sophistication and taste. It showcases the finer things in life, including luxury cars, high-end fashion, fine dining, five-star travel and design ideas for the home.

Merrymen‘s mission is to celebrate independent entrepreneurs, creatives and artists, and create a platform for them to share their incredible work and voice with the world. The magazine’s collection of interviews and content can be used as a tool to offer readers insight into how to live a life filled with joy.

From the Magazines Canada team, a big welcome to our newest member magazines!

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