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Welcome New Magazines Canada Members!

We’re happy to introduce you to seven new Magazines Canada members: BESIDEFood for Life ReportMountain Life Annual, Coast Mountains and Blue Mountains; PhotoEd and TEACH!

BESIDE magazine cover  Food for Life Report magazine cover  Mountain Life magazine cover

BESIDE is a biannual magazine dedicated to fostering the community of outdoor enthusiasts across North America. The magazine showcases the innovative curiosity, responsible resourcefulness and adventurous triumphs of a diversity of people empowered by nature, adventure and sustainability.

Food for Life Report is a new publication from the non-profit Centre for Health Science and Law. FLR aims to make Canadians more savvy eaters, and industry and governments more accountable using sound scientific and public policy research.

Mountain Life Media publishes Mountain Life Annual, Mountain Life: Blue Mountains, and Mountain Life: Coast Mountains. The two adrenaline-fuelled regional magazines focus on extraordinary characters and epic adventures in different parts of the country—Mountain Life Coast Mountains on B.C., and Mountain Life Blue Mountains on Ontario. Mountain Life Annual is designed to appeal to anyone who engages in outdoor activity—regardless of age or comfort-level.

PhotoEd magazine cover  TEACH Magazine cover

PhotoEd is a magazine about getting inspired and educated in photography. As a resource for image arts education, in traditional techniques and new technologies, PhotoEd celebrates the work of emerging and established Canadian artists.

TEACH Magazine produces hands-on pragmatic tools and content for educators. Formerly a print publisher only, TEACH is now a digital media company creating interactive resources for teachers and students, including books and graphic novels.

From the Magazines Canada team, a big welcome to our newest member magazines!

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