Want to “Improv” Your Publishing Game? Learn How at MagNet 2019!

MagNet 2019: Save the date! April 24–25

Nope, that is not a typo. Improv and improve your publishing. Find out how at MagNet 2019. This is just one of many provocative sessions on offer April 24–25. Mark your calendar now!

Here’s a sneak peak of a few sessions we’re excited about at MagNet 2019:

Award-winning Vancouver Magazine and Western Living executive editor Stacey McLachlan will share some of her unconventional insights in two must-attend sessions. Oh, she’s also a comedian…really!

Photograph of Stacey McLachlan

Boost your creativity and productivity with a little lesson from the world of improv. Is that crazy? Find out more when Stacey shares how the worlds of comedy and publishing can collide and inspire each other. At “Improv” Your Magazine: Using Comedy to Publish Better you’ll learn how an improv-inspired attitude and philosophy can keep spirits high, productivity flowing, deadlines met and the editorial meetings tear-free.

Juicy long-read stories may get the glory, but a service feature is the bread-and-butter of a lifestyle magazine. At 10 Ways to Build a Service Package That Slays, Stacey will share her tips for planning and executing a multi-party modular service story. You’ll walk away from this session with both practical organization tools and methodologies that make for a successful workflow, as well as creative brainstorming and ideation practices that will help you produce layered, inspired material.

Why is niche publishing thriving?

Niche publishers are bucking publishing industry trends, with business models that are thriving. Their specialty content is focused and deep, serving passionate communities that are willing to pay for access. They leverage their expertise to provide a wide range of products and services that diversify their revenues. Come meet leaders in niche to hear how they are expanding the media model to create sustainable businesses at The Reach of Niche.

Speaking of “high spirits,” MagNet has that covered too. Come wade into the weeds…more in the next bulletin.

MagNet, Canada’s largest magazine media conference takes place April 24–25, 2019 in downtown Toronto. Make sure to follow @MagsCanada and #MagNet19 on Twitter!


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