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Vividata’s Latest Report Shows Canadians Love Magazines

VividataLogoVividata, Canada’s authoritative source of cross platform audience data for print and digital magazines and newspapers, has released the results from a survey of 43,400 Canadians from January to December 2016. This report gives us an idea of how Canadians are reading magazines, and how they are consuming content digitally.

Some highlights from the report:

  • 3 out of 4 Canadian adults read magazines. The number is higher in Ontario.
  • 60% of Canadian readers are reading print only; 7% are reading digital only; 33% are cross-platform readers.
  • 40% of adults aged 18–20 are monthly digital magazine readers; Boomers are at 22% and the Greatest Generation (70+) is at 17%.
  • Magazines and newspapers reach 9 out of 10 adults per week across all platforms.

Visit for more information about this report.


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