Update on Magazines Canada’s Retail Distribution Service

Magazines Canada Distribution sent shipments to over thirty stores during the week of May 11. These shipments featured 17 different issues and went to most of the same stores receiving the massive April shipment. These are stores that are open to the browsing public and a few stores who said they would prefer to have new titles on hand for online and phone orders, in anticipation of opening soon.

About two-thirds of Magazines Canada’s retailers remain closed, and, as with the April lockdown shipments, we were unable to send the usual allotment of copies. Extra copies are being held at Tilwood and, if issue timing is appropriate, it is our hope to re-invoice these titles to stores as they reopen.

Our plan for distribution is to send another shipment in late May or early June. We’ll send to all of these stores and any others that reopen.

If you are planning to send a new issue for distribution, please contact Chris Chambers in advance to figure out draw numbers. With so many stores currently closed, no certainty as to when they’ll be back open or, really, what shopping will look like after they are, we are asking most publishers to send fewer copies than usual at this time.

The Magazines Canada warehouse (Tilwood) remains open to receive distribution copies: Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4 pm (ET), as usual. If you usually send copies to the Disticor warehouse as well, please redirect them to Tilwood until further notice.

There is still no news heralding a reopening schedule for the Chapters/Indigo stores, aside from what we have been reporting in this space: “stores won’t be opening before June.”

Stay tuned for another distribution update in late-May. In the meantime, please connect with me with your distribution-related questions: cchambers@magazinescanada.ca.

Chris Chambers
Retail Accounts Manager
Magazines Canada


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