Upcoming Webinar: The Video Juggernaut

Kyle ShayIs video the future of online content? And will that mean the demise of text? On Wednesday, March 20 at 2 pm (ET), join Kyle Shay, Director of Digital Media at Annex Business Media, as he talks about trends in video storytelling, and how magazines can create and post video content without breaking the bank or burning out staff.

Kyle Shay hails from the creative side of town. He has shaped his innovative approach to building effective digital strategies through years of lessons learned and successes earned in boutique ad agencies, dot-coms and Canada’s largest B2B media company. As Director of Digital Media at Annex Business Media, Kyle has combined digital content, web, email marketing, video, podcasts, social media and educational webinars to facilitate engaging products for a variety of industries and audiences that Annex serves with its 65+ B2B brands.

Webinars: Magazines Canada

The Video Juggernaut: How to Embrace It Cheaply and Easily
Wednesday, March 20, 2019

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