Two Upcoming Webinars Tackle Publishing and New Media

By Natalie Wee

A surrealist voice on the radio narrates the strange happenings of a gothic desert town. It doesn’t sound like a conventional recipe for success, but the podcast Welcome to Night Vale went on to become the kind of bestseller every publisher dreams of.

Just a year from their inception, the show was ranked in the top 10 audio podcasts on iTunes; following that, its creators were interviewed by Stephen Colbert, and now its viral success has earned it book deals with Harper Perennial and Orbit Books. It seems that the contemporary impetus is to reach out and provide a novel experience with new technologies.

On May 10, join us from 2–3 pm for a webinar on “Digital Storytelling in the Evolving Publishing Landscape,” led by digital media and marketing professional Jeffrey Yamaguchi. While text is still the foundation of publishing, new tools, mediums, and platforms—including websites, ebooks, podcasts, online courses, video programming, and social media—are taking storytelling in new directions.

The success of Night Vale and other innovative media points to how our evolving digital landscape requires a new way of telling stories, as well as a convergence of editorial, marketing, and production skills to conceive, produce, sell, and distribute them. With this seminar, you’ll learn how to produce, disseminate, and foster community engagement through innovative digital stories on a variety of platforms by exploring relevant groundbreaking projects.

And just when you thought you’ve lost the ability to be surprised at the ability of any content to go viral in this day and age, the Fyre Festival controversy has received heat all corners of the Internet. For those of you who are fortunately unaware of the entire debacle, this music festival and brand was an alleged scam popularized on Instagram. Although that event was a disaster of unparalleled proportions, it provides a fascinating entry point into the potency of social media platforms.

Here’s where you’re in luck. This May 17, from 2–3 pm, Founder & Creative Director of Ruby Social Co Ashley Cassidy Seale will provide refreshing insight into brand-building on Instagram in the aptly-named webinar, “Building Your Brand on Instagram.”

Learn best practices for cultivating not just a following but a community leveraging the power storytelling, a consistent aesthetic, and a bold strategy. Ashley was also recently at MagNet 2017 and demonstrated her veteran social media skills in the session Building Your Brand on Instagram.

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