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The Wall Street Journal to Increase Revenue with Ad-Free Digital Subs

The Wall Street Journal is exploring new ways to increase their revenue by introducing an ad-free version of its digital platforms as it grapples with declining ad revenue. The Journal sent a survey out to its readers about alternate ways of supporting the publication, like charging on a per-article basis or charging extra for home delivery.

In its survey, the Journal said it was considering charging 79-cents per article and also charging for delivery of the print edition, though they did not disclose the cost. They will also be looking into a dedicated crosswords and puzzles app.

The New York Times is also exploring an ad-free digital option. They have stated that the Times will charge customers more than their regular digital subscription for an ad-free reading experience in response to the growing number of readers using as blocking software. Other publications that have gone a similar route include Wired and The Atlantic.

Read more about the Wall Street Journal‘s latest move at Digiday.


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