The Benefits of Digital Publishing: New Hotsheet from Sutton Integrated Solutions

Did you know that digital magazine readership and revenue are on the rise? For publishers who want to take advantage of the trend, there are many ways to embrace digital publishing as a primary channel and meet your business goals.

Magazines Canada is here to help answer those questions with a new Hotsheet from Gavin Sutton of Sutton Integrated Solutions on “The Benefits of Digital Publishing.”

This Hotsheet shares five reasons why you should shift your focus to digital publishing, and takes you through the benefits of forefronting digital publishing in your brand’s business model.

Whether you digitally release stories and issues via Apple’s News application, your website, or by many other new tools, digital publishing is a great way to extend your brand’s reach. This Hotsheet demonstrates why it behooves your magazine to make use of the technology and start sharing your content with more people.

Access the Hotsheet in Magazines Canada’s Resource Centre here.

This Hotsheet is sponsored by Sutton Integrated Solutions. Sutton Integrated is a marketing and communications company specializing in corporate and B2B communications, with sales and marketing tools, web development, and design for online and print materials. With over 30 years in business, clients have come to expect nothing less than award-winning sustainability and annual reports, magazines, catalogues and brochures, corporate and IR websites, branding and strategy, and one-of-a-kind technologies.

One such technology is the Dynamic Print Generator (DPG), which turns print materials such as magazines into fully interactive websites. What separates the DPG from a regular website is that it merges your print and digital workflow into one seamless environment. It looks like a magazine but acts like a website, giving users the ability to pick and choose pages of interest to print out or share on their social media accounts. The DPG websites can even print out the entire magazine from your litho printer.

Magazines Canada has worked with Sutton Integrated Solutions on a number of exciting projects, including our updated Sponsorship Kit and our forthcoming Magazines Canada Member Catalogue.


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