Statement on a Fair, Open and Transparent Workplace

Most of us spend a great deal of time working, and being committed to our work. Magazines Canada believes that the workplace should be characterized by a commitment to fairness, openness and transparency, and that organizations have a duty to encode these commitments in the form of policies, which must be readily available to everyone who works at that organization.

Magazines Canada believes that the work women and men do is exactly the same. This work should be equally valued and equally remunerated. We believe that women have the right to come to work every day to a safe, respectful workplace. We believe there is no place for sexual harassment, sexual misconduct or any kind of harassment in the workplace. Magazines Canada espouses a zero tolerance policy toward the abuse of power in the workplace, whatever shape or form that abuse may take.

As members of the media, our members also bear a responsibility to question and expose social bias not only in the topics they explore and the content they share with audiences but also in how they conduct their business; we encourage and hope that our community embraces these principles of being open, transparent, inclusive and safe.


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