Readership of Print and Digital Magazines Remains Stable in Vividata Winter 2018 Report

Vividata released its readership data for magazines covering October 2016 through to September 2017 earlier this week on January 25. Vividata is Canada’s national single source survey of 43,325 Canadian consumers providing cross-platform audience data, print and digital, for magazines and newspapers.

It’s clear that Canadians continue to choose Canadian content as they read magazines across platforms. Print remains a dominant touchpoint while digital reading continues to be embraced at high levels.

Magazine audience remains consistent, with 76% of Canadians 18+ reading a Vividata-measured magazine in the past six months. In a press release, Vividata notes that overall magazine brand reach has remained stable over the past 12 months. Print also remains Canadians’ primary touchpoint for magazine brands, with 69% of Canadians surveyed reading print magazines.

Similarly consistent with Q2 findings, digital magazine content continues to reach Canadian readers, with 29% of Canadians surveyed accessing digital magazine content each month. “Business magazines in French and English have the strongest digital following,” says Vividata. Also of note, “of the over 8 million Millennials in Canada, 41% are using a smartphone to read magazines. Social media is the conduit that leads 59% of Millennials to magazine content.”

Vividata will next release readership data in April 2018. From recently appointed Vividata president and CEO Pat Pellegrini: “Moving forward, Vividata and our research partners will continue to enhance our measurement capabilities to meet the needs of current and new members in the dynamic media and consumer landscape.” Pellegrini was appointed president and CEO in December 2017 with “a specific mandate to evolve the business and the firm’s measurement of passive digital.”

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Source: Vividata Q3 2017 release, October 2016 to September 2017


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