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OAC Launches New Online Grant Application System

The Ontario Arts Council (OAC) has launched its new online grant application and management system, called Nova. They have also released a newly redesigned OAC website to support the Nova launch, which promises to “make it easier for applicants to search for granting programs that best suit a proposed arts activity.”

This means that all OAC grant applications will now be submitted online.

Changes to Program Deadlines

The move to online applications has also resulted in changes to granting programs and deadlines. Some 2017 deadlines have changed, and a few programs now have additional deadlines. Visit the OAC site for all 2017 program deadlines.

Of interest to magazine publishers:

New OAC Funding Framework

The OAC has also developed a new Funding Framework, which organizes all of its granting programs under four streams:

From the OAC: “These four funding streams are not replacing OAC programs, which remain discipline-based, activity-based or priority group-based. However, in order to develop Nova, some OAC programs needed to be streamlined to remove inconsistencies and improve clarity. With the merging of some programs, there are now 35% fewer OAC programs. Where programs are merged under the new funding framework, their budgets have been combined as well. No reductions to 2017–18 program budgets are planned. The OAC is also maintaining its commitment to peer assessment-based decision-making processes.”

The OAC’s six priority groups remain a key focus in all programs. Most program modifications will be implemented in 2017–18.

Read the OAC’s FAQ about Nova and the granting program redesign.


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