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News Roundup: Total Magazine Audience Increased by 3.7%

MPA finds audience increase, slight rise in mobile web viewership

The Association of Magazine Media (MPA) found in its first Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report of 2017 that total magazine audience—across print, web, mobile web and video—grew to 930 million in January, a 3.7% increase compared to the same month a year ago. The report covers 128 magazine media brands from 30 companies, representing 95% of magazine readership. The print and digital audience of these magazine media brands increased by 5.4% compared to January 2016. Read more at Digiday.

Condé Nast joins NBCU and Vox in ad pact

Condé Nast is joining NBC Universal and Vox Media to sell ads across their combined digital properties. It’s the latest move by publishers and TV conglomerates to better compete with digital advertising from the likes of Google and Facebook. Read more at AdAge.

Publishers get more ad placement flexibility in Facebook Instant Articles

Publishers that include advertising within their Facebook Instant Articles will soon have more flexibility when it comes to placement. Product manager Harshit Agarwal announced in a Facebook Media blog post that starting next week, ads can be placed up to every 250 words within Instant Articles. That limit had previously been every 350 words. Agarwal added that publishers will be able to manually place ads or opt for automatic placement at every 250, 350 or 500 words. Read more about the latest change to Facebook IA at AdWeek.

Snapchat Discover publishers face tough challenge as platform chases TV

Snap wants Snapchat Discover to be more like TV—and longtime media partners, as always, will be expected to adapt. Snap plans to prioritize the placement of original shows made for Snapchat Discover, according to two sources. Since its January 2015 launch, Snapchat Discover has been a home for daily magazine editions from dozens of media partners including ESPN, Cosmopolitan, BuzzFeed and Vice. But with Snap’s latest obsession being in the TV and the entertainment business, the company wants to place a spotlight on individual shows made for Snapchat Discover. Read more at Digiday.


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