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News Roundup: Publishers Seeing Growth in Twitter Video Views

Publishers are seeing Twitter video views jump

News publishers say Twitter is growing as a source for video distribution and revenue. Across three Twitter accounts for Business Insider and two sister publications, Business Insider attracted more than 6 million video views on Twitter in January, up from 1 million views six months ago, according to BI. Similarly, NowThis Media said it’s getting a “meaningful” amount of views on its Twitter videos, with the number growing “gradually and consistently month over month.” Read more at Digiday.

Condé Nast acquires CitizenNet, expands ad targeting

Condé Nast has acquired social data and marketing platform CitizenNet to expand the media company’s audience targeting and data capabilities to its social platforms. CitizenNet will be incorporated into Condé Nast’s data product “Condé Nast Spire,” which it launched last summer. The goal of the acquisition is for Condé Nast’s advertising and marketing partners to reach the right audience at the right time, at scale and across platforms. Condé Nast’s brands have more than 174 million followers on social media. Read more about the acquisition at MediaPost.

The Washington Post rolls out new customizable content ad unit

Just about every publisher is doing editorial-like ads in some form or fashion. But getting people to click on native ads is another matter. The Washington Post is trying to solve this with a new branded content ad format called Post Cards. It’s the tenth product to come out of the Post‘s Research, Experimentation & Development (RED) team. Post Cards breaks down a branded content campaign into its multimedia parts (slideshows, galleries, text, video) and then reassembles it and presents it to users based on their consumption history on the site. Read more about the Post‘s latest initiative at Digiday.

Facebook gives advertisers guarantees for ads with sound and more

Facebook advertisers will be able to buy ads with an option to only pay when videos play with the sound on. Facebook videos typically show up in people’s feeds on mute and automatically start playing. Under new criteria—if the advertiser chooses—the views only count when the volume is on. Read more at AdAge.

Only 8% of brands intend to use virtual reality for advertising

A report released by Forrester Research said 42% of U.S. online adults have never heard about VR headsets and that an additional 46% said they don’t see a use for VR in their lives. Meanwhile, a separate report by marketing services outfit Yes Lifecycle Marketing says only 8% of marketers are currently using VR in their advertising. Read more at AdAge.


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