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News Roundup: Mobile Audiences Significantly Greater Than Web

MPA data shows mobile audiences are three times greater than web audiences

Data from MPA’s monthly brand audience report shows a quarter of brands surveyed say mobile audiences are three times or greater than their web audiences. In October 2015, the report showed the mobile web platform had a 29% share of total audience, whereas in October 2016, its share has increased to 32%. Read more about this trend at FIPP.

Amazon wants to help publishers make more money from ads

As part of its Publisher Services group, Amazon is rolling out a new “header bidding” product designed to help web publishers enable multiple ad buyers, including ad networks and ad agencies, to bid on ad space simultaneously. Read more about Amazon’s latest initiative at The Wall Street Journal.

8 out of 10 publishers don’t know how their traffic is audited by third parties

As the bot and non-human web traffic issue continues to spiral, a new survey reveals that 80% of publishers concede they don’t have insight into how their traffic is audited by third-party providers. In addition, the survey by The 614 Group and Distil Networks found that 74% of publishers reported that traffic quality issues are part of pre-sales discussions, and 68% said they have received requests for information (RFIs) with acceptable non-human traffic (NHT) thresholds. Read more at MediaPost.

Advertisers are cooling on Snapchat Live Stories

Viewership for Live Stories has been flat, at best, for more than a year. In June 2015, a Snapchat executive told Recode that Live Stories averaged 20 million viewers within a 24-hour window. This year, the company has told advertisers that Live Stories average 10 to 20 million viewers per day, with multiple buyers confirming that in most cases daily viewership for Live Stories has gone down—especially since Snapchat pushed Live Stories and Discover content lower down the Stories page. Read more about Snapchat on Digiday.

Facebook reveals new advertiser number flaws

Facebook has found more flaws in its ad stats, and is making changes to give advertisers more accurate numbers. This time Facebook said it will tweak how it estimates the potential audience size for new campaigns, an area where advertisers have been saying the figures seemed off. Read more about Facebook’s latest ad flaw at AdAge.


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