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Did you know that Canadian magazines can offer a tax incentive to their print advertisers? Under Section 19 of Canada’s Income Tax Act, Canadian advertisers can claim tax deductions for print advertising expenses. However, since ad expenses have different conditions from many business expenses, this law is not always well known or understood.

Here’s where Magazines Canada can help: We’ve created a toolkit on tax incentives and advertising with Canadian magazines, which Magazines Canada members can share with advertisers. The toolkit clarifies advertising expense deductions under Canadian business tax law, and can help you further grow the business and industry expertise that your magazine provides to advertisers.

In federal legislation under Section 19 of the Income Tax Act, and further regulated through the Foreign Publishers Advertising Services Act, Canadian magazines are supported by a tax deduction advantage. This means that, pending certain exemptions, advertisers are eligible for a 100% deduction of their print advertising expenses with Canadian publishers. But they are ineligible to claim any deductions on print advertising expenses with foreign publishers on publications directed at a Canadian market. This policy was enacted to support the Canadian media industry.

Find out how tax laws and deductions for print advertising expenses can inform your sales relations with advertisers. Read and download our toolkit on Tax Incentives: Advertising with Canadian Magazines. [Members only; login required]

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