New Director, Member Services and Development

Evan Dickson
Evan Dickson

Magazines Canada is very pleased to announce that Evan Dickson is our new Director, Member Services and Development effective January 15, 2018.

Evan has been with Magazines Canada for more than a decade. He started as an assistant in our distribution warehouse, where he got to know Magazines Canada’s diverse membership and gained an appreciation for the incredible passion magazine creators feel for their products.

Not one to stand still, Evan has constantly taken on new challenges in his time at Magazines Canada. In 2010, he moved into member services where he grew into his role as Manager of Membership Development, coordinating our membership, arts and literary and business media committees, and managing Magazines Canada’s sponsor relationships. He was also the managing editor of Magazines Canada’s Magazine Production Handbook, co-organizer of the Arts & Literary Magazines Summit, author of numerous successful grant applications, and winner of the office’s 2016 ugly holiday sweater contest.

“I’m absolutely thrilled to be starting this new chapter in my career. I’m looking at a big change and a big challenge, and that has me really energized,” said Evan Dickson. “As Manager of Membership Development, I’ve followed the change and challenge Canadian magazines have faced and continue to face. I’m looking forward to putting my knowledge and relationships to good use in a new leadership role, because the voices and perspectives that our members bring to the public are more important than ever.”

Matthew Holmes, President and CEO of Magazines Canada, welcomed Evan to the new role:

“After a rigorous search, with close to 50 applicants, we were very pleased to see the expertise and network that Evan has built make him the perfect candidate for this new position. He’s been a critical part of the member experience for many years: from that first decision to join, to increased engagement on our committees, to ensuring our members can network with each other and other key members of the community at top-notch events such as MagNet. He’s also done a lot to position us for the future: from writing our major grants to planning our new digital-only member category—Evan will now take a leadership role in our continuing adaptation and evolution as an industry group. Welcome back, Evan!”


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