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New AudioMag: Robert Rose on Content Marketing

Content marketing has shaken up the marketing industry in the last few years, giving marketers and brands a more direct channel to the customers they are courting.

It’s also given publishers a new stream of revenue as many have put their storytelling skills directly to work for advertisers and brands, creating new business ventures along the way.

Some companies are still adjusting to this new marketing landscape, and those who are seeing the greatest success recognize that this shifted landscape can play a significant role in their overall business strategy.

Content Marketing as Business Strategy

“What we’re finding is companies that are truly effective with it and looking at content marketing as a practice, they are finding results all across the business,” says Robert Rose, chief strategy officer with the Content Marketing Institute in the latest episode of AudioMag. “This is a business strategy that marketers happen to perform.”

Rose helps develop content marketing and customer experience strategies for large companies such as Oracle, The Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation, Allstate Insurance, Staples, Hewlett Packard, AT&T, Petco and UPS.

Much of his work includes working with the marketing departments of those groups to help them evolve their marketing operations. This includes content marketing strategies that attracts and engages an audience.

Brands Developing Audiences

“And of course that is what media companies do for a living,” he says. “But attracting, engaging and retaining that audience in a way that drives the business forward. And that is a trend we see broadly. The poster child for this is Red Bull—you see Marriott doing it, Johnson and Johnson—big companies that are creating internal content competencies to drive the business forward.”

In the B2B space, success is mostly measured at this point in lead generation.

“In the B2B space it is almost exclusively the realm of lead generation and lead management. And using content as an alternative form of looking at that lead generation process. And that can be effective—that is the way content marketing has gotten some traction in many businesses either as brand awareness or lead generator.”

Rose says anywhere between 85% to 95% of the companies he works with are doing some form of content marketing, but when he drills down, he would guess that about 15% to 20% of them are doing it effectively.

Big Potential for Growth of Content Strategies

“It’s really a new muscle for most companies. But it’s growing and growing fast,” he says. “I don’t think there’s been a more exciting time to be in marketing or media. The future of the marketing practitioner in the business is truly one that is strategic to the business. Using the ability and competency of content or the media operation in a brand is truly one of the most strategic things a brand can do these days. Because it goes direct to customer. It starts to establish a relationship with the customer. So it’s an incredible opportunity to become truly strategic.”

Listen to the entire conversation with Robert Rose.

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