New AudioMag: Eric Albert on Monetizing Your Audience

When Rogers Media sold L’actualité in 2016, it was the first time many in the publishing industry had heard of its new buyer, Mishmash Media.

Mishmash Media is part of the Mishmash collective, an entertainment and media collective whose mission is to bring Quebec talent to the forefront nationally and internationally.

The collective is owned by investment company XPND Capital, a $76 million private equity fund, with institutional investors in Quebec.

“On any given month we reach anywhere between 2 to 2.5 million people,” says Eric Albert, president of Mishmash Media, in the latest episode of AudioMag. “And on a yearly basis it’s close to 4.5–5 million people. Considering there are just over 8 million people in Quebec, our objective is to find innovative ways to monetize those relationships.”

Monetizing the various audiences of Mishmash Media properties is one plank of their strategy, be that through magazine subscriptions, tickets to events, or other touchpoints with consumers.

“Media is an extremely important component of that strategy because of acquisition and acquiring new customers and maintaining a new relationship with Quebecers on an ongoing basis—it’s an extremely important component,” says Albert. “L’actualité on a monthly basis reaches about 1 million readers, Voir reaches about 600,000, so on any given month we are talking to 1.5 million Quebecers and that allows us to create that relationship with that audience to sell them concert tickets or something else.”

Venues and talent management are also part of their mix.

“We’re investing currently in companies that operate in four different sectors in the media and entertainment sectors: obviously media, we’re also in the events sector, we have a sector called production—one is a travelling exhibition company that does museum type exhibitions that travel around the world,” explains Albert. “And we are in artist management—music and comedy, which is part of production. And lastly what we call diffusion of venues. So we’re managers or owners of various music venues throughout Quebec.”

It’s an approach that is designed to offer up key audiences to advertisers across several media offerings.

“As you know advertisers are not as interested as they used to in just buying a standard one-page ad in a magazine. They are looking for a more innovative way to reach their customers. So a good example is let’s say an advertiser wants to place an ad in a magazine but they also want to do a sponsorship of one of our events and they want to do brand activation at that event. We can bring that to an advertiser, and there are not than many people that can do that in Quebec right now.”

Listen to the entire conversation with Eric Albert.

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