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New AudioMag: Dana DiTomaso on Making the Most of Social Media

Photo of Dana DiTomasoMarketing on social media is the focus of an upcoming session at Magazines Canada’s annual Business Media Leadership Summit, being held February 6 and 7 in King City, just north of Toronto.

Dana DiTomaso will share her tips on effective marketing strategies and tactics, mined from her many years advising clients in her role as president of the digital marketing agency Kick Point.

Some of the key areas she’ll focus on will be setting goals, getting feedback from readers, and brand voice.

Brand Voice

“I think a lot of times people get into this idea that having a brand voice means that you are great at all things,” says DiTomaso in the latest episode of AudioMag. “And really a brand voice is having a personality, and while personality traits can be a strength, they can also be a flaw.”

There’s a lot to consider when creating a brand voice, from figuring out what words your brand uses and doesn’t use, to how your brand voice corresponds with your magazine.

Reader Feedback

Surveys are inexpensive to add to any website, but as with most things, you get what you pay for. DiTomaso suggests going for a more personal touch.

“Don’t just have a poll at the bottom of your site that says ‘How was your experience with this website?’, but call up some of your best users and ask them what’s good about using your website, and what’s frustrating about it,” says DiTomaso.

Follow the money

Figuring out how to best allocate your marketing dollars can be a challenge, but key to effective marketing is having a strategy and tracking results.

“A lot has to do with starting with goals. People can get really distracted with the shiny thing—there’s Facebook Live, or Twitter is putting out these 360 tools—instead of thinking about what are our actual marketing goals in general,” she says.

“And that’s really the important point—how are you going to track success? And make sure that your analytics and other pieces are set up in order to track things successfully before you start spending money, because the only way you will know if you are successful is if you can actually track what you are spending.”

Listen to the entire conversation with Dana DiTomaso.

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