Magazines Canada Partners with Micro-Payment Platform CoverStory

It pays to be a member of Magazines Canada! A new partnership between CoverStory and Magazines Canada offers an exclusive deal to Magazines Canada members who sign up for the online micro-payment platform, where readers can purchase individual magazine articles.


CoverStory is based in Canada and aspires to be a global destination for insightful articles from the best magazines. Their aim is to provide an engaging experience for the curious reader who wants to cut through the noise and stay informed by directly supporting quality journalism.

Through CoverStory, readers pay a small fee set by the magazine to access an article, like this example from Magazines Canada member Inroads. CoverStory shares the revenue from article sales with the participating magazine. Through this exclusive partnership, members who sign up for CoverStory will receive the full revenue from any articles sold for the first six months! There is no cost to join. Simply contact CoverStory and identify yourself as a Magazines Canada member to get started. Some conditions apply.

Magazines Canada members also save on services from AdDirect, Adwanted, Media Box by Media Carrier and MediaWire! Read more about these member perks at [Member login required]


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