Magazines Canada Celebrates 50th Anniversary With New Logo

Sep 28, 2023

As the CN Tower began to rise above the Toronto skyline in 1973, Magazines Canada embarked on its own journey. That year a vision was born. A vision to unite, celebrate, and promote the incredible world of Canadian magazines. Over the years, we’ve celebrated countless stories, voices, and moments that define our rich Canadian magazine landscape. As we celebrate 50 years as an organization, we’re excited to share an update to our branding. Our new logo represents our commitment to the future, while our new Genuine Canadian Magazines stamp proudly signifies quality and authenticity. Showcased on our members’ magazines, this stamp symbolizes the quality and originality that define our members’ publications and demonstrates to potential readers the amazing content produced by Canadian magazines. “The new logo is faithful to the previous one, with its familiar typography. However, the new icon embodies the organization’s heritage, mission, and vision for the future,” said Messenger Bag Media’s Adam Adachi, who designed the new logo. “The icon’s design cleverly depicts both the spread of magazine pages and the imagery of a Canadian flag, representing Magazines Canada’s strong dedication to representing Canadian voices and perspectives within the magazine industry.” Adam also touched on the updated “Genuine Canadian Magazine” stamp saying, “we’ve modernized the stamp for members, giving it a fresh, official, and authentic appearance. This reinforces Magazines Canada’s commitment to promoting high-quality, authentic Canadian content within the magazine industry.” Now, our organization and the Board of Directors are actively planning for the future and a digital-first reality. We will be excited to share more updates on these initiatives in the future. Join us today as we celebrate this milestone and continue to champion the diversity, creativity, and spirit of Canadian magazines. Members can download the new version of the logo, as well as the new Genuine Canadian Magazine stamp on our website. Magazines Canada Download Library

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