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It’s Time to Fill Out the Strategic Planning Survey

Time is running out to share your comments on the Magazines Canada 2018–2023 draft Strategic Plan—the member survey closes tomorrow, September 7!

Take the survey right here:

The Strategic Planning Survey is our way of reaching out to you, our members, to make sure we are meeting your expectations with our draft Strategic Plan for 2018–2023. After we close the survey tomorrow, we’ll use your feedback to refine and improve our priorities and goals for the next five years. We’ll also share the aggregated results (not your individual answers—those are private) with our Board of directors to inform them as they finalize the plan in 2018.

That’s right. Your feedback and comments will influence Magazines Canada and its activities for years to come. This is your chance to challenge us, and tell us what you still need from your industry association.

To take the survey:

First download and read the draft Strategic Plan for 2018–2023, and the draft set of membership criteria for digital-only magazines.

Ces matériaux sont également disponibles en Français. Veuillez communiquer avec Brianne Diangelo, pour les recevoir en Français.

Then visit, where you can comment on each priority in the Strategic Plan and on the draft digital membership definition.

All individual answers will be kept private and confidential.


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