Photo of a Christmas tree made out of magazine pages.

Holiday Closures: Distribution Warehouse

Is your magazine distributed by Magazines Canada?

Please take note of the following dates when our warehouse (Tilwood) will be closed.

Last invoice and shipments of 2016: magazines must be received at Tilwood by 4 pm EST, Friday, December 16.

Shipments that arrive at Tilwood after this date will be held until our first invoice of 2017.

Tilwood will be CLOSED from Thursday, December 22 at 4 pm to Friday December 30. Please do NOT ship magazines to arrive during this time. There is a risk that shipments will be returned if they arrive during this week.

Tilwood reopens for shipments at 8 am EST on Monday, January 2, 2017.

Any questions about distribution timing should be directed to Chris Chambers, Magazines Canada Retail Accounts Manager: or 416.504.0274 x233.


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