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Department of Canadian Heritage Launches Phase 2 of Cultural Policy Review

Led by Minister of Canadian Heritage, the Honourable Mélanie Joly, the Department of Canadian Heritage (DCH) has launched the second phase of its review of federal cultural policy, entitled Canadian Content in a Digital World. Taking place over the course of this fall, the review is broad in scope and is examining all parts of Canada’s cultural policy “toolkit”: the programs, policies, legislation and national institutions currently used to support Canadian content and the cultural industries, including magazines, books, television, radio, film, digital media and platforms, video games and newspapers.

Stated policy goals of the review include:

  • Respecting citizen choice and supporting content creation.
  • Reflecting Canadian identities; namely, Canadian diversity, and promoting sound democracy.
  • Recognizing culture as a catalyst not only for social cohesion, but for economic growth and innovation.

Given this, the review will seek ways to:

  • Foster the creation of Canadian content and Canadian content on digital platforms, as well as increase the discoverability of Canadian content on digital platforms.
  • Increase the global audience for Canadian creators and Canadian content i.e. exports.

Review milestones:

  • The review process began in April with a pre-consultation online questionnaire.
  • DCH has launched a dedicated website that includes a consultation paper entitled Canadian Content in a Digital World: Focusing the Conversation, as well as a document that summarizes feedback and results of the pre-consultation questionnaire.
  • The website includes several ways for the public, including stakeholders, to submit views and share feedback concerning the review in the form of stories, videos, blogs, etc.
  • Minister Joly is hosting cross-country in-person discussions with representatives from the various cultural sectors beginning in late September and continuing through October, concluding in early November.
  • The public and stakeholder consultations will conclude at the end of November. A report with recommendations will be tabled early in 2017.

Next steps and how to get involved:

Magazines Canada has been actively involved in the consultation from its inception in the spring but now Canadian Heritage wants to hear directly from practitioners and publishers in our sector.

  • Start by visiting the consultation website and reading the background documents.
  • Share your ideas and opinions based on your own business and experience using the feedback forms.
  • Register for one of the live social media events and follow the discussion between now and November.
  • Engage on social media by using the #digicancon hashtag and mentioning @CdnHeritage to showcase how magazines are excelling in digital and in amplifying Canadian voices at home and abroad.
  • Reach out to Melanie Rutledge at Magazines Canada for brief positioning statements and background prepared by Magazines Canada for our members.


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