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Cover Lines: Magazine Moment Campaign Posts Winning Numbers

Winning Numbers for the Magazine Moment Campaign

With 18,000 magazine moments shared, it’s safe to say our Share Your Magazine Moment contest was a winner! Promoted in member magazines, at retail and transit magazine stands, on the web and social media, at film festivals, and even on the sides of buses, the campaign attracted high consumer engagement in French and English markets across Canada. Our thanks to members and retailers for supporting the campaign!

Every contest entry shared a favourite #MagazineMoment. Watch for selected moments on our @MyCdnMags and @MagsDici accounts, and read on for the announcement of the contest winners! Read more.

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Recent Reports

Canadian Heritage committee report on media and local communities: With 20 recommendations for how the media can reflect diversity and support democracy, this is a timely and important read.

Business Media White Paper: A summary of the 2017 Business Media Leadership Summit finds the B2B sector in a bullish position.

Arts & Literary Magazines Summit Report: This event summary covers session content and discussion, and draws conclusions about the state of cultural magazines in Canada.

The CMC Merges with Magazines Canada

We’re pleased to announce that the Circulation Management Association of Canada (CMC) has joined forces with Magazines Canada to support the magazine marketing industry.

Under this agreement, the longstanding partnership between the CMC and Magazines Canada will be made permanent. CMC members will have access to Magazines Canada’s programs and services, and can join a revitalized Circulation Marketing Advisory committee. Read more.

We’ll Match Your Magazine with an Expert: It’s the Travelling Consultants Program!

Yes, the Travelling Consultants Program is now active throughout the year! What does this mean for members like you? There’s no longer a deadline to apply: though spots in the program are accepted on a first-come, first-served so don’t wait if you are interested! Read more. En lire plus.

New AudioMag: Leah Sandals on Niche Publications

Despite industry disruption, many niche magazines are seeing their audiences grow. This phenomenon—and how to capitalize on it—is the subject of our latest AudioMag episode!

We talk with Canadian Art‘s Leah Sandals about reaching readers in print and online, and how to stay true to your readership while pulling in new readers. Read more.

Past Chair Douglas Knight Reflects on a Career in Magazines

Speaking to The Globe and Mail, our past chair and outgoing president of St. Joseph Media, Doug Knight, reflects on the challenges facing our industry and its continued vibrancy: “As we go through these wrenching transformations, people spend a lot of time talking about supporting journalists. But what’s missing in my view is editors. Without editors we lose a culture of storytelling.” Read more.


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