“Canada’s Magazines Antidote to Misinformation,” Magazines Canada Executive Director Melanie Rutledge Shares on The Hill Times

“As society struggles with an overload of disinformation and misinformation, magazines find themselves in a unique position because of their abiding commitment to the integrity of information and communication.

“At the heart of this effort is a commitment by writers and editors to carry out comprehensive and in-depth research, thoughtful and critical reporting and, most importantly, rigorous fact-checking.

“Canadians, as a result, can have confidence in the accuracy of the stories magazines produce—whether it is in print, in digital editions, on magazines’ websites, or on social media. In this way they serve as an antidote to fake news and misinformation.”

This from “Canada’s Magazines Antidote to Misinformation,” an article by Magazines Canada executive director Melanie Rutledge on how the federal government can help support Canadian magazines as they combat fake news, originally published on The Hill Times on October 18, 2019. Read the complete article here.


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