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Canada Post Update

Canada Post president and CEO Deepak Chopra announced in August that he will step down from his position at the end of March 2018.

As The Globe & Mail notes, “Chopra’s signalled departure comes as the federal Liberal government ruminates about whether to restore door-to-door mail delivery to tens of thousands of homes. The former Pitney Bowes Canada executive joined the agency in 2011 as it faced a dramatic shift in revenue streams, from declining mail volumes to a growing parcel delivery business. The previous Conservative government had renewed his contract prior to the 2015 election, effective February 2016, despite criticisms of Canada Post’s cost-cutting moves, including the phase-out of door-to-door delivery. The move to community mailboxes became a hot topic during the 2015 campaign, with the Liberals winning power under a platform that included a promise to review the home delivery decision.” Read more.

Shortly afterwards, the Honourable Judy Foote, the Minister responsible for the Canada Post Corporation, also announced that she was stepping down from Parliament and resigning as Minister of Public Services and Procurement for family and health reasons.

As The Star reported: “Foote had stepped aside temporarily in April to help her family deal with its latest health crisis. Since then, her sprawling departmental duties have been handled by colleague Jim Carr, the natural resources minister. But her departure leaves a big vacancy and provides an opportunity for the government to refresh its ranks.” Read more.


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