Canada on Top for Digital Display Ad Viewability

A study from the March 2017 Integral Ad Science “Media Quality Report H2 2016—United States Edition” has revealed that when it comes to viewability rates, Canada comes out on top at 58.9%. Canada is followed by Germany (57.8%), US (53%) and Australia (51.9%). This data is based on all buy types and is in view per the MRC standard.

This report also indicates that vertically-oriented ads show higher levels of viewability and stay in view longer. The highest success rate was seen with half page (60.6%) and skyscraper ads (59.9%). Video viewability showed significant improvement from the H1 report, increasing from 40% overall to 58.2%. But video’s high CPMs are attracting higher levels of ad fraud: 26.5% on programmatic buys, as compared to display advertising at 22.7%.

Some key takeaways from this study include:

  • Video viewability has improved, which means it is also more susceptible to fraud. Video is a great area to invest in, but should be monitored closely because of its higher fraud risk factor.
  • Consumers are more influenced by ads that are publisher direct (60%) versus programmatic (49.6%).
  • Advertisers are at risk of wasting media budget dollars without SIVT ad fraud filtration and detection in place. Ad fraud prevention practices are crucial.

Download the full Media Quality Report for complete results from IAS.


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