Canada Council to Issue Advance Payments on 2020–21 Core Grants

Dear Magazines Canada members,

If your magazine is a Canada Council core funded organization, you will receive an advance payment of 35 percent on your 2020–21 core grant. This advance payment will be issued by May 4, 2020.

The payment will be automated by the Canada Council. You do not need to request payment or provide normal reporting documents to receive this advance on your core grant.

Please note that since core funded magazines have not yet received their 2020–21 grant results, the amount of the advance will be calculated based on your 2019–20 grant amount.

After the automated advance has been paid, any remaining amounts of your core grant will follow the Council’s regular process and timing. This means that core funded magazines will need to complete the Annual Update Form at the beginning of your fiscal year.

This advance is only for core funded magazines. Magazines who receive project grants from the Canada Council and who have questions about the impact of COVID-19 on your project grant should reach out to your Canada Council program officer.

Everyone is encouraged to consult the Council’s COVID-19 webpage for updates, as well.

Please reach out to Melanie Rutledge, Executive Director, with your questions, concerns and feedback: or 613.816.0823.


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