Apply Now to Attend Virtual Events Like the FIPP World Congress

Magazines Canada’s Export Readiness and Networking Program is now accepting applications to attend virtual events. In the past, this program has supported registration and travel for members to attend events like the FIPP World Congress, the Digital Innovators’ Summit and the Business Information Media Summit. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are pivoting this program from a limited number of trips to live conferences to an open call to members who wish to attend online professional conferences.

These include the 2020 FIPP World Congress, now combined with the Digital Innovators’ Summit and taking place online from September 2–30, 2020. With no need to invest in travel and accommodation, members will be able to join hundreds of participants and over 70 speakers from around the world in one virtual environment, where they can engage with top-notch content, ask questions, arrange virtual meetings and discuss business opportunities with global publisher and technology partners.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to network virtually with international magazine professionals and experts, as well as an unprecedented number of your Canadian peers. Find out more about the FIPP World Congress at

In addition to the FIPP World Congress, Magazines Canada is accepting proposals from members who wish to attend other online events. Have you identified a digital networking or professional development opportunity? Fill out our short application form to apply for full funding to attend. There is no limit on the number of events members can apply to attend, nor the number of staff members who can register. However, this is a limited fund, so once the program budget is depleted, this opportunity will close. Don’t hesitate!

To apply to join Magazines Canada’s virtual delegation to the 2020 FIPP World Congress/Digital Innovators’ Summit and/or to apply for support to attend other events, visit

Questions about Magazines Canada’s Export Readiness and Networking initiative? Please reach out to Evan Dickson, Director, Business Development at or 1.877.238.8354 x222.


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