A Statement from Magazines Canada on Anti-Black and Anti-Indigenous Racism

Magazines Canada stands with those calling for justice for Black and Indigenous communities who are affected by systemic racism, institutional bias and violence. We support the amplification of Black and Indigenous voices; we support Black and Indigenous people working in the Canadian magazine publishing sector specifically, and in the media sector generally.

As members of the media, magazine publishers provide a platform for writers, artists, and other creators, helping their work reach an engaged community of readers. Magazine publishers bear a responsibility to address systemic racism and its historic and present effects on whose voices are published and on whose voices are included and supported in the workplace.

This winter, Magazines Canada will gather feedback from its members on their current efforts to broaden representation of Black and Indigenous people among their staff and among their contributors.

Magazines Canada also commits to taking steps internally. Magazines Canada’s Board of Directors is currently not representative of the whole of Canadian society. By 2021–22, we commit to welcoming two Black and/or Indigenous directors to Magazines Canada’s Board.

Magazines Canada’s strategic plan articulates our commitment to an open, accessible Canadian magazine publishing sector. As the national trade association that represents Canadian magazine publishers, Magazines Canada believes that Canadian magazines should reflect the diversity of Canadian communities, and that this should be represented in magazines’ content and in the people who produce this content. We believe in an equity-based approach to inclusion and diversity, which encourages a multiplicity of perspectives. We commit to reporting back to our members and to our broader community of stakeholders in 2021–22 on the progress we make towards these goals.

For more information:

Melanie Rutledge
Executive Director, Magazines Canada

Jennifer Varkonyi
Board Chair, Magazines Canada
Publisher, Maisonneuve