New AudioMag: Finding Success with Events as an Independent Magazine

Events can help you build community and benefit your magazine in diverse ways.

In our latest AudioMag episode, we discuss how small, independent magazines can host successful events with founder and publisher of Curated Life, Julene Chung. Curated Life is Canada’s first empowering lifestyle magazine written for and by millennial women entrepreneurs. Over the last four years, the magazine has connected its readers with a community and business resources through its signature MASTERCLASS event series. Here, Julene shares some tips and tricks to making the most of your community and creating an event that reflects your magazine.

Using the Skills You Have to Get Started

“Back then it was a bit of a unique concept…when I came into the industry, I didn’t have any background in publishing, I didn’t have any capital or connections. [But], what I did have was experience planning events. And it really came down to using the skills I had to get started,” Julene says.

Julene continues by sharing how she used the magazine’s signature MASTERCLASS series to gain new readership, create content and develop relationships with sponsors.

Transforming Your Magazine into an Event Experience

You may recall Julene’s presentation from our 2017 Showcasing Success event. During this presentation, she shared her belief that “magazines are not paper, magazines are experiences” that encompass everything from print to digital to merchandise and events. During our conversation in this podcast, Julene continues by giving advice on how to stay true to your magazine brand’s ethos while enhancing your reader’s experience.

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